Monday, 11 April 2016

Database Allocation Error Solution

This Query is to solve Allocation errors in Databases. Whenever you see error messages that contains word  "Page ID issue" "brocken links"... etc in application, or dbcc checkdb querry tells you that database has allocation errors, run following query. xxxxxxx  in the query is to be replaced by the name of your problematic database.

DECLARE @Database VARCHAR(255)  
DECLARE @fillfactor INT
SET @fillfactor = 90

SELECT name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases  
WHERE name  IN ('xxxxxxx')  
OPEN DatabaseCursor

FETCH NEXT FROM DatabaseCursor INTO @Database

   SET @cmd = 'DECLARE TableCursor CURSOR FOR SELECT ''['' + table_catalog + ''].['' + table_schema + ''].['' +
  table_name + '']'' as tableName FROM [' + @Database + '].INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES
  WHERE table_type = ''BASE TABLE'''  

   -- create table cursor
   EXEC (@cmd)
   OPEN TableCursor  

   FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @Table  

       IF (@@MICROSOFTVERSION / POWER(2, 24) >= 9)
           -- SQL 2005 or higher command
           SET @cmd = 'ALTER INDEX ALL ON ' + @Table + ' REBUILD WITH (FILLFACTOR = ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(3),@fillfactor) + ')'
           EXEC (@cmd)
          -- SQL 2000 command
          DBCC DBREINDEX(@Table,' ',@fillfactor)

       FETCH NEXT FROM TableCursor INTO @Table  

   CLOSE TableCursor  
   DEALLOCATE TableCursor

   FETCH NEXT FROM DatabaseCursor INTO @Database
CLOSE DatabaseCursor  
DEALLOCATE DatabaseCursor

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Declaration on Parcels- Printing on MPCM sticker Tool

While booking Airmail Parcels and speedposts weighing more than 200 gms or non document items,
one declaration needs to be affixed on the parcel. This tool will print this declaration directly to the MPCM sticker. Download file from below link, extract and place both Parceldeclaration.bat and parceldeclaration.txt in the same location. Double click on ParcelDeclaration.bat to get the print.


Note: Please do not change the content inside these files.

Install Classic theme in Windows 8.1

For Windows Classic Theme in Windows 8.1 just download the file and placed it in  C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes folder ... Then Go to themes and change the theme to classic


Make new HP windows 8.1 system bootable from CD

New HP Windows 8.1 64 bit systems can be made bootable from DVD so that we can install windows 7. We have to change following settings in BIOS.

Step  1: Switch on system and press F10 while boot, Now BIOS options will come
         2: Computer setup->security->secure boot config->legacy support->enable
         3:  Device config-> CDROM
         4:  Storage->boot order->UEFI->Disable
                                                 Legacy Boot Sources-> Enable

Save changes and restart.
Now the system is ready to boot from DVD so that you can install windows 7 32 bit also.
If you install windows 7, LAN driver will not be updated. Download LAN driver for Realtek pcie gbe family controller.


Friday, 8 April 2016

Interest Statement from DOP Finacle (for SBCO)

Sign into DOP Finacle MIS site as supervisor.  Invoke menu HFINRPT .  Go to Page no. 2, click on report number 25 'GL_Product wise interest balances report'.  Give SOLID (if you need to take report of all offices under your HO, give SETID, select product group as SBGRP, give date 01-04-2016 click submit. For other schemes, use appropriate product groups.

Now invoke HPR after some time, and click GO. Report will be generated there. If you are generating SETID report, it will take some time to generate report. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

‘Applet Not initialized properly’ Error in Finacle – Solution

Copy paste Below address to the address bar of a folder and press enter.  If your use logins other than Local administration, replace Administrator in the following code with name of your user.

Delete the folder named SUN.
Now clear cache and history of internet explorer and re launch internet explorer. Patiently wait. Two three pop ups will come as shown below.  Respond positively immediately.

Give a tick in check box and click Later

Give a tick and click RUN

Here also give a tick and click on RUN

Sometimes if you response was delayed it will show Error loading applet. But no problem. Just give user id and password and login. Now when you select FINCORE, another pop up will come as shown below

Here also, give a tick in the check box and click RUN.

Now the issue will be resolved.